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Blizzard Box®

Blizzard Box®

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Adventuring on the roads or entertaining at home usually means you need a place to store your beer and keep them cold. The Blizzard Box 22QT/21L offers you a cooler that gives you cold beer both on and off the trail. Built with adventure in mind, the Blizzard Box 22QT/21L comes with a heavy-duty SECOP processor, designed to ensure that your goods cool down fast. The foam-insulated walls are perfect for keeping those cans beastly cold. If you prefer to have your goods chilled instead of cold, the thermostat gives you fine control over the internal temperatures. The 110V AC to DC adaptor is perfect if you want to set the cooler up at home for a backyard barbecue.

The cooler needs to be plugged into the car power socket, but no need to worry about losing access to the charging ports. The Blizzard Box 22QT/21L comes with a built-in charger port that supports up to 1.5A output to devices. Too many plug-in coolers drain the car battery when the engine's not running, but not this one. The power attachment has intelligent sensor technology that lets the cooler know when your car battery's voltage is low, and it shuts itself off to save your power supply. If you've ever had to rummage about a cooler at night to get a beer, you know how awkward it is to hold a flashlight with one hand and reach into the cooler with the other. The built-in internal lights make this cooler a breeze to use, even after sundown.

The cooler has a decent capacity, allowing you to have enough cans of beer inside it to handle an evening of drinking with some friends. Easy installation and portability mean all you need to do to use it is attach it to your rack and drive off. The heavy-duty exterior makes it perfect for all sorts of situations. This cooler is likely to outlive most other appliances you have inside your vehicle. You won't get another cooler that combines portability with durability. Get this one while they're in stock!

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