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POP-UP FIRE PIT - With Heat Shield

POP-UP FIRE PIT - With Heat Shield

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The Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable wood or charcoal-burning fire pit. This lightweight, portable fire pit makes campfires possible anywhere, anytime which makes it the perfect for backyard, to the backwoods companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. The Pop-Up Fire Pits state-of-art design allows for quick and easy assembly then collapses and packs away in a moment’s notice. Its clean burn technology produces captivating flames and substantial heat output with 80% less smoke for a more enjoyable campfire experience.


• Opens to 24 in X 24 in when fully assembled

• Weighs only 8-lbs total • Aluminum & Stainless-Steel construction for years of corrosion-free use

• Burns multiple of fuel types including charcoal, wood, and wax logs

• Patented fire mesh technology increases airflow for brighter, hotter fires with 80% less smoke

• The included heat shield allows having a fire on any surface without damaging the underneath ground.

• Zippered, weather-resistant carrying bag included

• Meets all USFS & BLM fire pan regulations

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