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Pac A Pit

Pequeno with Grill kit - by Pac A Pit

Pequeno with Grill kit - by Pac A Pit

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Smaller PacAPit for backpacking, smaller campfires, and anywhere a smaller campfire would be better. Includes a smaller grill and ground cover to protect the ground.

Smaller low impact portable backpack campfire pit

14”x14”x 5” assembled  


Weighs under 6 pounds

• includes Adjustable Grill, Ground Cover and Carabiner

for backcountry camping, backyard camping, hunting, fishing,

• Uses small twigs, etc, lump charcoal and briquettes

• Efficient ventilation for easy fire starts 

• Stable design elevates fire to minimize ground scaring

• Cleans easily with a quick brush off 

• Durable 16-guage steel

• Carabiner included

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